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Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Class rules

Index Rumble Format. Racer must pick one of the available indexes, and cannot change their index during the competition.
Available Indexes: 6.0, 6.50, 7.0, 7.50, 8.0, 8.50, 9.0.
Racer will get 1 test run, and then must designate the index they will run on their window.
Cars will be random paired

general rules

Track Length: 1/8th Mile
Tree: 500 Full Tree
Boards: On
Timeslips: Run Sheet Posted at Swag Shack - No individual time slips
Staging: Courtesy staging is in effect. 7 second time out is in effect.
Car #: Must have a car # on tech card and on drivers' side of car
Pairings: Random Pair
Tech Card: A tech card is required for all racers - class entry is separate

Helmet - Snell 2015 or newer
Full Length Pants
Closed Toe Shoes
Working Taillight must be on at dark
All weight ballast must be securely mounted inside the vehicle

safety rules

bounty hunter no prep entry and payout

Entry $50 | 100% Payback

Racer Registration

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