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class rules

Small Tire

28×10.5 non-w or 275 radial MAX tire size
Must be +/- 2in of factory wheelbase
No wheelie bars

Big Tire

Door cars only
Car must start from inside without help

King of the Tailgate

Must have functioning tailgate or tailgate provision
Molded in tailgates are allowed on all-steel beds
Trucks must retain steel cab (no all composite trucks)
No Pro Stock style trucks allowed

Full Size Truck

Full Size Trucks only
No full-tube chassis (back-half ok)
Steel Cab & Bedsides
Composite hood and bumpers ok
Any size tire ok
AWD/4X4 ok

True Street

275 Radial or 28x11.5 DOT slick
17in & larger wheel, any size DOT tire
Must be registered/insured
Stock style front suspension (no backhalf or aftermarket 4links)
Must have factory appearing interior including dash (racing seat ok)
No wheelie bars
All cars must complete a 30-mile cruise without stopping or refueling, no swapping tires after cruise.

Daily Driver Shootout

Must be tagged, titled, insured and owned by the driver
Factory glass, body panels, and frame (fiberglass hood ok)
Full interior (no missing parts). Added safety items are ok. No race seats
Factory style suspension. Bolt-in parts ok
Transbrakes not permitted
No slicks, tires must be DOT-rated

Junior Varsity

5.30 ET breakout
Factory roof and quarters
Stock style front suspension required
No wheelie bars

7.0 Index

Door cars only
Throttle stops MUST be disabled
Delay boxes permitted
7.0 ET breakout

6.0 Index

Door Cars Only
Throttle stops MUST be disabled
Delay Boxes Permitted
6.0 ET breakout

Jr Dragster

All-run bracket race format
IHRA Jr Dragster safety and speed requirements must be met at all times

Weekend Warrior

Index Rumble Format. Racer must pick one of the available indexes, and cannot change their index during the competition.
Available Indexes: 6.0, 6.50, 7.0, 7.50, 8.0, 8.50, 9.0.
Racer will get 1 test run, and then must designate the index they will run on their window.
Cars will be random paired


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